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Serving a specific need in commerce, where direct and simple to use customisable solutions are necessary. Our software enables you to apply a professional look to any commercial environment whilst keeping to a minimum the time taken and staff training overhead - Software that takes little time to use and requires no staff training because of its intuitive layout.

Our products and services include (but are not limited to)


    Also : Specialist support of third party software


Restrictive Document Management

RestricterDoc  Versions 1.12 & 1.40 ensure a measured approach to document distribution and content reproduction when distributing confidential information to other parties.
By limiting printing, sharing and clip-board activities in the Windows environment, RestricterDoc offers peace of mind regarding protection of guarded document content.

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Software Application License Management

Regattare licensing framework can be integrated into your Microsoft Visual Studio applications to allow greater control over your software asset distribution and activation responsibilities.

By plugging it's code base into your applications (VB .NET, C# .NET) you can ensure that your prospective audience can run your applications on a trial basis as well as register their intent to purchase.

Each build of your application will be unique and traceable to it's end user. What this means is that you have greater control over the management of license resources with web based verification of license certificates, which means more control over the application instances concerned.


LabelTasks Inceptum - Shelf label management and printing for retailers, on the cloud.

With LabelTasks Inceptum you get a wide range of features no matter what the device or where it is used. Centrally update your prices and other stock information using the reliability of the latest cloud based application technology.


Retail Shelf Label Management and printing for Windows

Shelf Edge Label printing software for retail which comes in two flavours; retail label management and wholesale / cash & carry label management.

(LabelTasks 1.2


Requires .NET Framework for Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP

Windows Vista, 7 & 8/8.1/10 compatible

OSX 10.5 or greater.

Also suitable for Android / iPhone remote desktop service operation.

For general product overview, click here for more information.

Visit the download and product information website for this and other products.

 Short video presentation of LabelTasks 1.2 in use.


Also available in this series :



FREE Shelf Label Printing Software for Windows

Fully working solution for retailers wishing to get started right away, with the task of printing shelf labels. No cost, no license - Easy to use - stores label information and allows you to select the labels and label styles you want to print.

Requires .NET Framework & Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

For general product overview, click here for more information.



Shelf Talker Management Software

LabelTasks 1.3 - Shelf Talker printing & management system which can work as a stand alone solution or be integrated with your stock management system. Can also be made to work with most purpose built industrial strength Label Printers.

(LabelTasks 1.3)

you'll need at least Windows 98 and .NET Framework installed.

Requires .NET Framework & Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP

                                Windows Vista, 7 & 8/8.1/10 Compatible


For general product overview, click here for more information.

Visit the download and product information website for this and other products



SSCC Compliant Pallet Label Management

PalletStar 2.0 - SSCC Compliant pallet labelling solution which requires no training and very little set up - can be run as a stand alone application or be integrated with your company database to keep track of what SSCC labels have been printed and for what.

Interfaces to selection of label printers including the Zebra (TM) range.


General product overviews

Application download links, information resources on shelf label and shelf talker standards as well as additional resources for SSCC pallet labelling.


Support And Services

Technical support and data services - from stock taking, data entry to data management and recovery


Software And Software Services - Report Generation Applications.

ReportTasks 2.0.10 - Bespoke application development and third party application support.


Software user groups and information / upadates website

User group website for customers to review product information updates and software upgrades.


View all product information and make purchasing decisions here.



Coming soon ....


Charlotte CAST Reader (Computer Aided Story Telling) - Content rich e-Reader application for multiple OS platforms. Enables digital publication of literary works. Coupled with Achilles Web, Website promotion service, this application provides a feature rich viewing apparatus for budding authors and readers alike. Coming soon.





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